This autumn, I will take my mornings slow,
wake up early, eat a good breakfast, maybe
even write, if I’m lucky. At least, I will
tell myself that’s what I’ll do, while sleep

walks through my head, or rather, I walk
through sleep as through a land, far away
and gauzy. Shrouded in mist, as they say,
themselves shrouded, the soothsayers, the scops,

the storytellers who never stop talking.
As I walk they seem to recede somewhere
behind me, but I know they’re never far.
I ignore them, but like the ticking of a clock

they continue, through the night and into
the mornings, which I’ll keep trying to take slow.

I’m not sure if you noticed (hey, R! hey, J!) but I’ve been not updating this blog for some time. I’ve finally gotten around to deciding to get back on this horse, so expect some more content really soon.

I’m now using WordPress for ease-of-use, but who knows whether I’ll stick with it like, forever. Because it’s not exactly what I want, and I do want to learn some good web design. So we’ll see. For right now, though, that’s what I want to do.

So what’s new with me? I’ve been pretty good, all told. Not writing a ton, but reading some and watching a good amount of TV (Adventure Time had maybe the best finale ever, by the way). Like I said before, though, I want to get back into this. So here I am.

I’ll be updating here like, 3 times a week? Let’s say M-W-F for starters. So I’ll be doing that thing and working it, and slowly but surely throwing the old stuff on here too. The style will probably change greatly from time to time, so don’t be surprised – I want it to be closer to what it was.

It’s good to be back! I’ll see you (whoever you are, probably me (does this come off as tongue-in-cheek or sad somehow?)) soon!